- Jessica Tegeva, Mrs. Illinois United States

"Sandy Rowe Wiedmeyer is an incredible coach! Her knowledge base about fitness and restructuring your body is unmatched. She helped me to completely transform my physique and meet my goals. There were points when I wasn't sure where my fitness was going. I put all my faith in her and it worked! Under her guidance, I dropped from 24% body fat to 12%. Above and beyond that, Sandy has become a very good friend. She checks on me almost daily, sending encouraging messages, offering guidance and support. She also believed in me enough to become a sponsor. There is no way I could have ever felt as comfortable in every aspect that I am if it wasn't for her. I have always been confident in my abilities, heart and mind but saw my body as a weakness. Sandy helped me get over that mental block. She pushed me to confront myself and become the person I always knew I could be. This woman is truly an incredibly accomplished and talented individual that motivates and encourages you to become the best version of yourself possible."

I have been a competition client of Sandy’s, as a part of Team FAB, for over 1 year now. In that one year the changes I have seen in my physique following Sandy’s personalized diet plans, workout plans, and coaching instructions are remarkable. I have always been a fitness junkie however in working with Sandy I have learned to adapt my fitness style and work towards achieving my specific goals. With Sandy’s help, I have competed in four competitions and have improved each time placing 8th, 6th, and 2nd twice! Sandy as also coached me to two National competition qualifications. Sandy takes the time to learn each client in order to develop a personalized diet plan that is appropriate for every individual. Her workouts are always creative and never stale or boring. Her experience shows through her coaching whether it’s posing critique or the intricate ins and outs of competing that you can only learn through experience. Sandy is always there for me helping me achieve my goals in the most safe manner; never compromising my overall well being. I am lucky to have found such a great coach and friend in Sandy Wiedmeyer.

Anna DiDonna, Figure Competitor, Lisle, Illinois

"I starting working with Sandy in September of 2010.  Ever since then I have gained the confidence to do so many things I never thought I would be doing!  When I first signed up to do a bikini competition the idea was very intimidating, but when the day finally came I definitely felt 100% prepared.  My diet and exercise plans guided me through “prepping” for the show, in addition to that, as a competition  coach, Sandy made sure my show day went great! I knew what to expect and exactly what I needed to do. Competitions are nerve racking enough without being lost and confused! I know I never would have made it this far in competing without her as a competition coach!  Besides competing,  training as made me  more confident everyday. I'm stronger and more independent.  Nothing feels better than showing up the guys in the weight room!"            - Carissa L. Natural Pro Bikini Competitor

Michele says,

"One of the best features about Sandy’s process for me is that I have an on-line workout routine for each day of the week and a meal plan that is tailored to my nutritional needs as a woman. It takes the guess work out of it."

"Where do I start? I am very grateful for Sandy Weidmeyer, she has literally changed my life. When I came to Sandy I was an overweight, frumpy mom. 1 year later she helped me transform my physique so much that I was picked as the top 10 transformation of the week on Bodybuilding.com. She also helped me become a NGA Figure Pro, NPC National Competitor. I was in Iron Man Magazine and even posed for a bikini ad. She taught me about exercise, nutrition, posing and just overall well being. She is an amazing woman with a wealth of knowledge and I thank God everyday for bringing her into my life."  - Chrissy ---------->


Sandy Wiedmeyer

Patrick says:

"I worked mostly with Sandy. She is pretty much the shit when it comes to picking apart everything and perfecting my stage presence. Sandy and Stacy are both amazing at spray tanning as well as being knowledgeable about the industry. Plus, they're awesome.. so it's not like time spent together isn't fun!"

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Kristel Pierson said:
"For a couple of years I suffered from an eating disorder. It got very bad, my hair started falling out and it was very thin. I weight about 100 lbs and slept a lot. My husband sat me down and spoke with me about getting healthy especially for our daughters. He got me a gym membership for my birthday and started making this a routine of going to gym. The more I started working out, the more I started loving it. At my 1 year gymiversary, I decided I wanted to compete in NPC bikini competition. I didn’t know where to start and what to do. I started looking around online, and located Team F.A.B. I loved the physique of all the ladies I saw online. I also loved how affordable their training is. I applied and was welcomed by all the wonderful ladies on the team. Sandy set me up with an eating plan and workout plan. I also love that we can practice posing online. I immediately started seeing progress; I can't stop looking in the mirror at my self. I don’t know what I would do without Sandy; she is awesome at what she does. She has given so much confidence in life and entering my first competition."