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Here's a little about me...!

I am a 40+ mother of two. I am very passionate about fitness! I found my career path as a fitness professional later in life. Until my children were born, I was a very dedicated educator. I hold a BS in Education, MEd in Mathematics and Science Education, and I am ABD for my PhD in Educational Leadership.

I have been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade now! I am a professional Natural Figure Competitor, and a PRIDE Nutrition sponsored athlete. I hold certifications in personal training and group fitness.


Sandy Wiedmeyer

I am the Personal Training Coordinator for the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie, WI. I also Co-Founded and am Co-Coach for TEAM F.A.B., a PRIDE sponsored physique competition team. As a competition prep coach I am able to help with all aspects and phases of your training. From suit selection, to bringing your perfect physique, all bases are covered!

As owner of Iron Diva Fitness, I offer training services for general weight loss and overall fitness! I believe staying focused and motivated is key in reaching your goals. As a trainer, I strive to motivate and inspire my clients; as well as hold them accountable for the work that must be done to move toward the goals they have set!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time! You can click here to email me or visit my contact page!

Fitness is a journey, enjoy each and every step along the way!

With Beauty in Strength,
- Sandy

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