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I am available for limited in person one on one training. Because I train out of two locations, rates vary. Contact me if you are interested in live personal training in the Kenosha Area. I also offer group and small group personal trainings. I currently offer conditioning group training for the Kenosha CYC Raiders. If you are interested in me coming to you in the Kenosha County area for group training, please contact me.

Beauty IN Strength

I offer many options for online training. Online training includes both individualized nutrition guidance, as well as custom workout workout routine. Workouts are adjusted according to how you are progressing every four weeks. Weekly check ins via Drop Box are required to insure you are progressing through your programming. When you become my online client, I become your resource for questions and guidance. I am here to help you reach your individual goals!

Whether you're looking to get in shape, lose weight, or become a competitor, with Iron Diva Fitness you can start to get the body and shape you've been looking for. No one is excluded! Contact us today to get started with your fitness program!

My store offers a variety of competition shoes by Ellie. I also have fitness related jewelry and apparel in the store. Browse around and let me know if you have any questions. Please keep in mind, all orders only ship within the USA and the shoes cannot ship to PO Boxes.